Source code review is a software quality assurance activity in which experts verify a program primarily by analyzing its source code. At least one of the reviewers must not be the author of the source code.

It looks obscure from outside

One of the most important areas of source code review is security screening. The purpose of code analysis is to uncover flaws that can be determined by the application's source code, primarily reducing security. Regular code analysis helps developers build a more secure application.

It is best to perform source code review regularly after the development milestones so that the end result of the development is a safe application. Parallel code analysis can be a guarantee for developers that their application is performing well in security tests. It is also in the customer's interest that the software produced by the deadline for delivery also meets the security requirements.

However, practice shows that many projects only attempt to perform source code review in the period immediately prior to handover. Unfortunately, it is only then that it turns out that the developed application does not meet the security requirements and the time remaining until submission is not enough to repair or rewrite the code. We recommend that code analysis shall be performed from the beginning of the development and in parallel with it. With this solution, the security of the code can be best kept in check by both developers and customers.

If it is not possible to perform source code review in parallel with the project, it is not too late to complete the analysis at the end of the project. However, in such cases, you should be prepared for the inspection to identify errors that need to be corrected within a fixed period of time. We have seen many times that this leads to a legal dispute between the developer and the customer. When concluding the contract, you should also consider this!

Our company first evaluates the source code for code review. Without being exhaustive, we need the following information about the code: What languages ​​are used, how many lines, what external modules are used by the developers. In most cases, a quick interview with the leading developer will also take place. After the agreement, our experts manually and automatedly review the source code and provide you with a detailed report. This report contains not only shortcomings but also proposals for remedying them.