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Whiteshield is a top-tier IT security company that’s been servicing the most security-conscious European and Australian companies for more than 10 years. As one of the top penetration testing companies, we’re continually growing, and we pride ourselves on keeping absolutely current and cutting-edge in everything we do.

We believe that penetration testing is an “art”. Our testers are expected to think about new and innovative ways so we are able to deliver incredible customer experiences. All of us, have come from rigid corporate environments. This ensures that our testers impart cutting edge security knowledge along with industry best practices to their clients.

Why use Whiteshield?

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments are our core service!

We perform Manual Penetration Tests. If an organization only hires a firm that uses automatic vulnerability scanners, critical items could be missed as automated vulnerability scanners often fail to pick up on more subtle security flaws. An experienced attacker may understand the context of the application and may figure out how to abuse its logic.

Our experts make use of vulnerability scanners in the preliminary phases of an application security test, though it is only in the beginning. With a greater understanding of the application’s context, we can provide assessments that are more relevant to your user-base and individual security needs.

Further Benefits:

  • Certified Consultants (Performed by OSCP, CEH, CISA certified testers)
  • Proven Methodology (Whiteshield performs security assessments based on the OWASP testing Guide methodology)
  • Swiss security: All of our servers are privately owned and operated in Switzerland, any data stored in our secure cloud server will be subject to Swiss jurisdiction. Your sensitive information will be protected by Switzerland’s strict privacy and data protection laws.
  • We offer fixed price proposals, without hidden fees. As we are located in Central Europe our prices are reasonable compared to Northern or Western Europe.
  • All of our reports are written manually, they are NOT generated by automatic security scanners.
  • All reports are professional and easy-to-understand. They contain the discovered security issues in severity order with clear remediation instructions.

Our clients are security conscious companies in a wide range of industries and needs, from startups to large corporations. We always map each assessment to the needs of the business.

Our services don’t end with submitting the penetration test report – as your dedicated security partner, we’re always available for advisory support.


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