We take pride in our penetration test reports as we believe that the reporting phase is probably the most critical part of your penetration test. Our pentest report has been designed efficiently in color-coded and graphical format to provide the flexibility necessary to satisfy all audiences ranging from upper management to technical staff including developers and system administrators.

Proper documentation is vital as it provides you with the structured details of the pentest after the engagement has been completed. At the beginning of the report we produce an executive summary for those who do not need to see the technical details. This is followed by an in-depth technical review for the engagement. In addition, we provide guidance on remediation, with a focus on preventative countermeasures. All of our exploit attempts that successfully penetrate the target are packaged into a “Proof of Concept (POC)” format so that issues can easily be re-tested.

Interested in what our penetration report looks like? Download our sample pen test report after verification. It will open your eyes as to how in depth we go and what type of data you will have access to.

The sample of the report will only be sent to a corporate domain. Verified requests will be receive the sample report within one business day. Your download link will be sent to the email address you provided. If the link does not arrive in your inbox, please check your spam folder.