AWS Penetration Testing Services

One of the largest challenges organizations facing these days is that certain parts of the applications are moving to the cloud, and managing application security risk has become a mission critical business objective. As penetration testing on the AWS cloud is unique, it brings its own set of security considerations. Some vulnerabilities are mitigated through Amazon’s security measures of course, but the complexity of these services leaves many companies exposed.

Transitioning critical web applications to the cloud requires special attention to security, especially where organizations must trust cloud vendors with their data.

Penetration testing on applications hosted on AWS is based on the same principles as those used as part of our web application and network penetration testing on relevant infrastructure and software. However, there are obvious differences when the data are housed in a shared environment. It is your responsibility to ensure that the security of any applications hosted in the cloud are continuously tested and maintained, and that you are always aware of the location of your data.

Our Cloud Application Pentest accesses the servers and hosts in the AWS Cloud, initiating a vulnerability assessment with authenticated credentials. Once we are inside the perimeter, the Pen Tests simulate what a hacker could do.

AWS Cloud Application Pentesting is a must these days. It’s the only way to prove that your cloud-based applications and data are secure enough to allow the maximum amount of user access with the minimum amount of risk.