Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure security is a top priority for all IT managers. Organisations must be proactive in locating network vulnerabilities and resolving them, in order to prevent attacks that can cause system downtime, data loss, and damaged reputations. Whiteshield experts combine automated scans with manual techniques to find any vulnerabilities that may exist in your perimeter. We assess everything exposed to the internet, from web applications to employee portals.

Any type of security breach can have an impact and far-reaching repercussions for a company and its customers. Breaches open a company up to everything from lost consumer confidence to legal action.

Our infrastructure penetration testing is an IT infrastructure security evaluation methodology that involves our experts perform planned attacks against a company’s security infrastructure to uncover and expose security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. By using all the tools and tricks available to real-world attackers, our network and infrastructure penetration tests uncover weak points in your IT security.

During the infrastructure test, our testers check for misconfigurations, outdated software, logical flaws and even look for a means to escalate privileges if they manage to gain access. The will look for firewall configurations, privilege escalations, incorrectly stored data, default credentials etc.

The infrastructure penetration test will also include identifying hosts which may require additional testing, such as web applications. Once the test is complete, Whiteshield experts will provide you with a clear report of where your vulnerabilities lie and offer recommendations on how your external perimeter can be secured.