Security Expert Team

All experts of Whiteshield have certified themselves to truly become professionals in their field. Each of us holds a certificate to confirm that we are Kürt Certified Ethical Hackers. At the same time, before we dedicated ourselves to becoming Ethical Hackers, we all spent long years developing our expertise with several successful IT projects in web development, system administration and IT project management. We believe in specializing in a topic close to our heart, so that our knowledge reaches its highest potential – this way our professional experience may serve you best, and cover the complete extensive domain of IT security. We believe in challenge and competition, thus we took part in the Wargame competition held at Hacktivity 2011, the largest hacker conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Our team came out first, by a huge margin, yet this is only the first step taken. Next year we hope to achieve the same in other tournaments.


CEO and security consultant, ethical hacker, IT security expert, CISA®

Specialties: Firewalls and Network Perimeter Protection, Content-control software solutions, ICT Compliance, Smartphone and Tablet Security in the Enterprise

Adam Baneth holds a business administration degree with specialization in information systems. He also holds a Master of Science in IT Management degree from Central European University (CEU) Business School. He spent nearly 10 years at multinational companies such as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Epicor Software as a consultant, solution architect and project manager in several large volume Hungarian and international projects. He graduated in Ethical Hacking from Kürt Academy.


Technical director, project manager, ethical hacker, IT security expert, CISA®

Specialties: Web application autopsy, Database fingerprinting via out-of-band connections, Client-side JavaScript exploitation and SQL injection techniques, password hash deciphering, scripting in Python and BASH

Barna Szeghy graduated as a programmer from István Széchenyi College in Győr, Hungary. He has close to 15 years of experience in web development and IT system operation. He obtained his qualification in Ethical Hacking from Kürt Academy. Barna participated in several complex IT projects ranging from designing an IT infrastructure to leading the development team in web development and application implementation for the iOS platform. As of 2006 he began focusing his talents on one of the fastest-growing industries of our time; the world of web technologies and standards.


Ethical hacker, IT security expert, web application developer, OSCP®

Specialties: Vulnerabilities of web services and the SOAP protocol, Web application development in ASP and PHP

Gábor Szécsi has nearly 5 years of experience in planning and developing complex web applications from scratch. Gábor recognized the importance of web application security early, so he went through the Ethical Hacker Certification course from the Kürt Academy. Based on his professional experience he has all the most sensitive soft spots and possible vulnerable points in mind to make a valuable asset in the process of engineering a safer and more secure online application. In 2019 Gábor passed OSCP exam.


Ethical hacker, IT security expert, web application developer, support specialist

Competencies: Web application vulnerabilities, ASP.NET and PHP script languages, system support and network vulnerabilities

Experience: 10+ years of experience in web development (PHP, ASP.NET), system support and operation (Linux / Windows)

Attila is a Certified Ethical Hacker, who has a solid experience in supporting and operating enterprise systems (Linux / Windows) so secure system operation is one his focus areas. He also has experience in building websites and internal systems (ASP.NET / PHP) which makes him an expert for testing and securing web applications as well.