Web Application Hack

Web application hack intends to fit the needs of companies that have custom web applications specially developed or adopted to support their business processes. However commonly used widespread web applications that carry company value or store highly sensitive data also make a typical subject to assess.

These applications are handled with special care as they literally form the building blocks of the business and render connections and links between the external world and the confidential company environment.

According to Gartner market research, some 75% of all malicious hacking attacks target complex web applications, which is hardly surprising if we consider a couple of basic common sense facts.

Most companies inattentively disperse a considerable amount of semi-public information of a general and technical type. Revealing parts of their infrastructure, software solutions they use, and so on. This alone would imply no great threat if the security patches supplied by software vendors were applied in a timely manner. Additionally, most uncovered security holes are published, so that IT service operators and technical analysts would be well aware of the risks that might affect their systems – however they are not the only ones to benefit from this information.

From a malicious attacker’s point of view, a long unpatched or outdated system makes an easy target when the small pieces of disclosed information are pieced together like a puzzle.

Our experts will determine the current application security level, explore the vulnerable points and soft spots with automated tools and manual techniques so that you can rest assured that all risky gaps that need intervention are revealed and classified.

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